Trade Marks

We aim to create the best Intellectual Property Rights strategy for you. Our trade mark attorneys and solicitors will look at your IP portfolio and tailor an IP strategy to your individual brand needs. Palmer Biggs IP, Solicitors has some of the best legal minds, and our Legal 500 recommended team is here to register, defend, search and watch – to protect your brand.

What is Trade Mark?

A trade mark is an important asset for any business: it identifies your business and products from those of your competitors and helps to attract customers, especially as it becomes associated with the quality of what you provide. A trade mark registration will give you an exclusive right to use your trade mark for the goods or services covered by the registration and the registration can help you to keep competing marks at bay if they are too close to your mark. You have to register your trade mark in the territories where you need protection but we can come up with filing strategies to help you achieve this.

Registration / Brand Protection

Palmer Biggs IP, Solicitors can advise you on issues of trade mark filing, registration, commercial exploitation and infringement including online infringement, domain names and on issues of passing off.

Our legal fee for filing an application for a trade mark registration starts at £275 (excluding VAT) and it need not be an expensive process to register your mark if everything goes smoothly. You can register for just the UK, the whole EU or in other countries around the world, depending on your needs and subject to there being no conflicts with earlier marks owned by others.

Company names - Watching service

Since 2008 trade mark owners have, in certain circumstances, been able to object to conflicting newly registered company names. Our UK Company Name Watching service monitors new incorporations and changes of company names on the Companies House Register, covering the entire United Kingdom.

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