Trade Marks

Trade Mark Definition

A trade mark distinguishes your business and its goods or services from that of its competitors. It allows consumers to identify a particular product or service without risk of confusion. Our IPR solicitors and attorneys are fully committed to providing high quality trademark registration and trade mark search services in the UK and Internationally.

A trade mark can offer substantial value to a business if protected via registration. The successful registration of a trade mark will confer exclusive rights upon its owner for the goods and services and territory for which the mark is registered.

Whilst it is possible to protect an unregistered trade mark through, for example, the common law tort of passing off in the UK, registration will offer far greater certainty and effectiveness. Trade mark registration should be a primary consideration for any business that values its image. In doing so, you can prevent others from exploiting your brand identity.

What is capable of registration?

The range of insignia that are capable of registration is surprisingly extensive. Typically, words, images, letters and numbers (or a combination thereof) are per se registrable. But it is also possible to register, for example, names, shapes, colours, scents and sounds.