Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Palmer Biggs IP, Solicitors understand that clients want to resolve disputes in a timely and cost effective manner. For all matters it is important to consider whether mediation and/or other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be used as a way of settling disputes without going to court.

Mediation allows you and the opposing party to talk about a dispute with the help of a mediator. The mediator’s role is not to make a decision, but to help both parties find a solution that they are happy with. Mediation can be cheaper and quicker than litigation and the outcome may be beneficial to all parties. The process is also more informal than attending court proceedings.

We are vastly experienced in representing our client’s IP interests at mediation hearings and we have accredited mediators in our firm at partner level.

Palmer Biggs IP, Solicitors also have extensive knowledge and experience of other forms of ADR including Arbitration and Conciliation. We also regularly obtain the transfer of domain names for clients through ADR proceedings with Nominet and WIPO.

If you require further information regarding mediation or other forms of ADR please contact us.