Intellectual Property Design

IP Design Definition

Designs are a form of intellectual property protection primarily for the appearance, shape or configuration of a product ( certain types of design protection can now cover 2d graphics ). The owner of a valid design can prevent copying, use or distribution of the design.

Design Protection

Protecting your design and maximising its value is our IPR team’s ambition, we understand and will be dedicated to your design rights. There are 5 types of design protection which are relevant in the UK:

  1. European registered covering the whole EU
  2. European unregistered
  3. UK registered
  4. UK unregistered
  5. (potentially copyright can protect a design as well)

Unregistered designs arise automatically (in similar vein to copyright). However, protection can also be sought via registration at both domestic and Community level, and it follows that a registered design can be enforced even if copying cannot be proved and a registered design should, if renewed, enjoy longer protection than an unregistered design.

It should also be noted that in certain circumstances copyright can offer protection to designs. We offer strategic design services including filing and registration of designs and infringement issues.