Merchandising and Licensing

With the use of trade marks, logos, or images of famous people, cartoons, actors, famous paintings and pop stars on a whole range of products such as plates, cups, adverts on cereals packs, drinks and much more, this is merchandising of intellectual property rights.

This activity is absolutely key to some brands’ marketing and business strategy as it helps their image stand out, become eye-catching and more memorable for consumers to digest.

Merchandising of IP is widely used, however, also due to its lucrative income it inevitably attracts copycats trying to reproduce similar counterfeit products. Palmer Biggs IP, Solicitors have many years of experience within this field and are well practiced at identifying, gaining evidence and prosecuting these imitators.

We aim to get REAL results and conclusions for you and your brand protection.

Our Top Tips for helping secure and protect your merchandising:

Register and own your IP – Trademark, logo, design and characters you are looking to use on merchandise

Select a good licensee

Research the market and select the right form of merchandising product for your target market and try and do something original

As part of your strategy merchandise should be just one part of your showcase, online, advertising and more should be in your mix