Domain Names and Internet Services

What is a Domain Name and why is it important?

Besides your service or product, in the eyes of the IP world, your online presence is arguably the next most essential aspect of any business. With the ever important SEO factors, your domain name is the means by which a consumer will search for your business, albeit at home on the PC or whilst walking down the road from you searching via their phone. It’s an essential part of your brand experience.

Accordingly, a domain name will commonly incorporate the trade name of a business or a trade mark. A domain name must be registered with an accredited registrar. If trademark registration is sought, it may make commercial sense to seek registration of equivalent domain names also, maximising the protection of your brand.

Recourse may be available if, for example, it is suspected and demonstrated that a domain name containing a trade mark is used to cause confusion on the Internet or has been registered in order to be sold for profit.

Domain name advice and services

  • Domain name recovery service for brand owners
  • Domain name registration and portfolio management
  • Advice for registrars and other intermediaries in domain name cases

Trademark/copyright infringement online, advice for rights holders, ISPs and internet users Intellectual Property infringement online can be actioned and allegations of such infringement can be defended by traditional methods (see IP Enforcement and Litigation section).

Explore our Domain Services section for details of issues that may arise for ISPs further issues can arise in relation to the responsibility of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). What you need to know is that Palmer Biggs IP, Solicitors regularly achieve removal of content from the Internet for rights holders where infringement can be shown. Our experience IP team also provides advice to ISPs, intermediaries and web site owners where allegations of infringement are made.