Palmer Biggs Patents is here to assist you with your innovation and creation! There are various stages to your IPR protection strategy but overall our aim is to create the best way to commercialise and exploit your creativity.

What is patent?

A patent is an exclusive right granted to the creator of an invention. Broadly put, in order to acquire such protection, an invention must be technical or functional by nature; it must be novel; it must contain an 'inventive step' and it must have an industrial use.

A patent will confer on the owner the right to prevent third parties using the invention without prior consent. Once a patent registration is filed, it will be available to be viewed on the register. If a third party wishes to make use of the patented invention, it must enter into a commercial agreement with the proprietor of the patent.

Prior Art Patent Search

PBIP has extensive experience with assisting clients from the initial stages of protecting their invention by carrying out prior art patent searching.

Patent Filing / Registration

PB Patents offers specialist advice and services to clients in relation to the filing and registration of a patent and in relation to infringement and unauthorised use. We co-ordinate the drafting and filing of patent applications in the UK; through the European Patent Office; and through the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

We have a strong network of international patent agents for any local territorial issues. We understand and have deep experience in managing IP and across international markets.

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