Domain Names

The digital and social media world is becoming more and more a vital part of your corporate branding and also for personal branding. Palmer Biggs IP, Solicitors understand the importance of protecting your business name and domain name, and we offer excellent recovery and registration services in response.

A top tip if you have found the brand name which you desire and that clearly represents your business, then it makes commercial sense to seek registration of equivalent domain names too, in order to maximise the protection of your brand. We can also assist you on how to select and register a trade mark.

Domain name advice and services

We offer specialist advice and services to clients in relation to a range of issues concerning domain names including:

Domain name recovery service for brand owners

Domain name registration and portfolio management

Advice for registrars and other intermediaries in domain name cases

Digital IP services?

Trademark/copyright infringement online, advice for rights holders, ISPs and internet users.

Intellectual Property infringement online can be actioned and allegations of such infringement can be defended by traditional methods.

Palmer Biggs IP, Solicitors are fully aware that issues can arise in relation to the responsibility of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or other intermediaries in relation to content. Issues may also arise in relation to, for example, defamation and privacy. An ISP can be immune from liability under the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 in certain circumstances e.g. where it ‘hosts’ unlawful material and takes it down expeditiously upon notice by a right holder. As such upon receipt of clear explanations of the existence of IP rights, the ISPs will usually take down material promptly.

Our IP attorneys regularly achieve removal of content from the Internet for rights holders where infringement can be shown. We can also provide advice to ISPs, intermediaries and web site owners where allegations of infringement are made against them.

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