Personality and Image Rights

Are you an individual/ personality seeking to protect your image? If you are looking for a discreet IP attorney office who will not only strive to protect but also get the most out of your image, then Palmer Biggs IP, Solicitors have high profile experience of retaining and protecting personal brand value.

Our Intellectual Property service extends in to the world of personality and image rights, developing an image strategy that works for yourself or your organisation.

As an organisation albeit high-end luxury goods, sports-wear or automotive, you may utilise personalities as part of your digital and marketing strategy. In which case, we are perfectly positioned to advise you on how to create the perfect protective contract, managing the expectations which in turn helps you build a trusting relationship with future them and other personalities as part of your brand package.

Our IPR team work closely together, with extensive experience in creating and protecting IP, and also in court helping protect our clients’ image. Our work helps clients generate income whilst maintaining reputation.

Please do contact us if you want to hear more from us on Personality and Image Rights.