Michael Downing

Michael Downing

Role: UK Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney; Trade Mark Attorney in the UK, Ireland & Europe

With over 20 years in the intellectual property profession, Michael remains inspired by his clients and their challenges. Offering a complete professional service as a patent attorney and trade mark attorney, Michael assimilates the most subtle concepts and complex details quickly and thoroughly. This has helped him to develop the art of writing short, sharply-focused patent applications that can be launched without running up unnecessary professional fees.

Practice & Professional Experience

An expert in writing patent applications and in exploring the boundaries of patentability, Michael works on behalf of new start-ups, growing SMEs and internationally-trading plcs. The companies he works for have little in common other than good ideas and the need to protect them.

Careful drafting prior to filing and good advocacy after filing a patent application yields the best results. The better the patent application, the greater the chance of its being uncontested and the less it will cost.

In relation to trade marks and designs, Michael has been an EUIPO representative since 1996. He now practises via his Dublin office and is able to offer a complete service to clients - filing and prosecuting new applications, bringing and defending oppositions, and maintaining and renewing marks.

Michael also enjoys defending people against flawed threats of intellectual property infringement proceedings. Where defence is justified and appropriate, he takes aggressive, pre-emptive action in order to secure the initiative.

Michael is committed to securing a fair outcome for those who are entitled to protect their original ideas. Experience has taught him that a thoroughly prepared, incisive and rigorous service is the best protection against protracted debate.


  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Chartered Trade Mark Attorney
  • Irish Trade Mark Attorney
  • EUIPO Professional Representative


  • Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys - CIPA
  • Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys - CITMA

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